Rapid Production

With Elixir's template pages, you can create beautiful professional webpages in under 5 minutes! All you have to do here is fill in the text and add images.

  • quick
  • painless
  • beautiful

Very Easy-to-Use

Creating Weebly websites with the Elixir theme is the fastest and easiest way to create a webpage, guaranteed! You'll be amazed by the easiness.

  • simple
  • drag 'n drop
  • fast

Pixel Perfect

‚ÄčOur skilled designers have crafted these template pages with pixel-perfect precision and modern design. Your website will turn visitors into customers.

  • pixel-perfect
  • Easy
  • modern

100% Responsive

Our innovative OneFlow Grid management system will automatically make everything you put on your website responsive--without you having to do anything!

  • oneflow
  • mobile
  • smart

Extremely easy code-less experience

With Elixir, you can create a beautiful, professional Weebly website without touching or looking at a single line of code. Elixir takes full advantage of Weebly's drag 'n drop system, and lets anybody create an amazing website.

diamond pixel-perfect design

Every tiny bit of this theme has been designed to look perfect on virtually every single device out there. Whether you're viewing it on a desktop, a 90in 4K TV or on mobile devices, you're going to get a beautiful website layout.

the latest in code & web technology

Elixir was crafted in HTML5 and CSS3, with the latest code. Our robust OneFlow framework is extremely reliable and will ensure that your site looks and performs like it should. Elixir is also optimized for very fast loading speeds.

very easy to customize & brand

Branding is a very important component of establishing your presence, which is why Elixir makes it very easy to customize essential parts of the theme, such as color and font. Make a website truly yours with Elixir.

comes with lots of tutorials

Elixir comes with lots of step-by-step and video tutorials, helping you with virtually any aspect of the theme. Customers have praised our detailed documentation for being extremely simple & easy-to-understand.

lifetime updates & support

We value quality over quantity, which is why we provide lifetime support for all our themes. We will often send you free updates that add new features and keep the UI updated, and provide excellent customer support.